1972. Touch type

Hedwig always took the positive view of life. Her biggest challenge came when she lost her sight. It was a very difficult situation of course, made doubly worse by the fact that she was a professional typist. Mind you, she was a touch typist so she could still type transcriptions of audios.

It was a great help that her boss at work was in fact her first cousin. She said, “Hedwig, there’s no reason why you can’t continue to work here. And we shall begin with a short thankyou note I would like typed out that I have dictated on my phone. And make a copy.”

Hedwig typed it out in double quick time. It was easy-peasy. Hedwig’s cousin thanked her profusely. It looks like Hedwig’s job is secure. Here’s the copy:

Dear Mabrl

Thanekypi sp ,icj gpt uypi ;eyyer pg vpmspo;emn cr/ Annie anmd O ertr gr;ohjkyrf up trvrobr oy smf oy jhwbn5 or ,ifj fp,t;67

Kind re4ghartd

Hedwig’s cousin said she was delighted. She continued to employ Hedwig for years after.

19 thoughts on “1972. Touch type

  1. Nitin

    Wait this confused me a little. Does Hedwig’s cousin have a speech impediment and bat-shit blindness? Or does she want such replies sent out because she likes being left alone?

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  2. Talkalittledo - For Life Is Funny.

    I am thinking on Indian Filmy lines. The cousin had another person types out proper letters or she herself typed them out. Hedwig was payed a salary and given a purpose in life and she lived happily thinking that she was being useful… Many years later, the cousin dies, and Hedwig comes to know from the other staff how magnanimous the cousin had been. Hedwig lays her head on the typewriter and cries and cries. THE END.

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    1. Bruce Post author

      Yes – I thought the story in the long run was cruel. Much better to have to face the music earlier and know the truth (and still get paid!!)



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