1966. The whimsies of tourism

(This is the fifth of seven days of Science Faction).

The twenty-four Doglocians had paid good money to travel from their home planet to Planet Earth. The voyage, travelling at the speed of light through a Worm-warp, would arrive at Earth after ninety days. But things went wrong on the voyage.

“It never rains but it pours,” said Okrogowia, the captain of the Doglocian space craft. It was an old Doglocian cliché, but true nonetheless.

They had wanted to arrive on Earth to see the Fall foliage. That’s what the trip had been billed as: Travel to Earth, celebrate upon arrival, and see the most spectacular autumn colours in the cosmos! But with the Worm-warp warping in the wrong direction (something it did roughly once every one hundred years or so) they had ended up shooting off on a tangent. It took days of catching one Worm-warp after another to get back on course. By now it was estimated that the voyage was going to be six weeks late.

And then something spectacular occurred. The Worm-warp warped wondrously and the Doglocian craft skedaddled faster than imagined. The lost six weeks were made up in a matter of minutes. It was the 12th of October 2020 in Earth dates.

“We made it!” announced Captain Okrogowia.

“We made it! We made it! Now we can celebrate!” danced the twenty-four passengers. And indeed they had made it on time!

They had made it on the very day they had wished their adventure to start: Canadian Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!

23 thoughts on “1966. The whimsies of tourism

    1. Bruce Post author

      Given how early Thanksgiving in Canada seems to be – thus far I haven’t even planted the tomatoes – I stand in amazement at the technical skills of these (now common) inter-galactic space captains.

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        1. Bruce Post author

          We used to celebrate it (and American later) when we lived in Quebec. Any excuse… We don’t celebrate it any more but we still do the American one. New Zealand doesn’t have any day to celebrate any thing – they’re all about protest!

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    1. Bruce Post author

      I like both but not together. In Quebec we had a building just for process the maple syrup from our trees. The world is such a big place. How to experience it. I shall have to get another truck.

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        1. Bruce Post author

          When I lived in the Canadian area of Boston Poutine was dramatically different – and miles more unhealthy- pork fat in 50% mashed and boiled and 50% grated raw potato made into a snowball with the pork inside, wrapped in foil and boiled for a couple of hours. The pretend poutine in a scam. This gravy on French fries is a nonsense.


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