1965. Just down the corridor

(This is the fourth of seven days of Science Faction).

Bevan lived in a single bedroom apartment block. It’s not the living arrangement he would have preferred, but it would do for the time being. He was saving to buy a proper home, with a small garden and lawn, and proper neighbours over the fence – not neighbours who could be described as “a couple of doors down the corridor”.

It wasn’t long before he noticed Magdalene. Her apartment was on the same floor. She was always very pleasant when they passed. In fact, she was straight-out lovely. They seemed to be roughly the same age. Her clothes and makeup were always done to perfection. Her personality was bubbly. Her speech was music. In fact, Bevan used to keep his door slightly ajar so he wouldn’t miss her when she came home. He didn’t want to not accidentally have the pleasure of bumping into her.

There was only one thing for it: he would have to ask her out on a date. It should be nothing too formal like a meal at a fancy restaurant. Maybe a movie followed by a coffee in a café. Twice he walked passed her door but was too afraid to knock.

“Blow it!” he thought one late Sunday afternoon. “It’s now or never.” He strode along the corridor before he had time to chicken out. He knocked. The door opened.

Oh my God! Great Scot! It was disgusting! She had forgotten to put on her artificial face. Her head was a squirming ball of worms and maggots. This intergalactic alien wasn’t one person; she was a thousand.

“Hold it! I’ll just put on my face.” She disappeared for no more than thirty seconds. When she reappeared it was the lovely Magdalene once again. “Just don’t tell anyone,” she said.

And that is how Bevan was silenced into owning his own home with a small garden and lawn, and proper neighbours over the fence. His delightful spouse wears her artificial face all the time these days.

Except when she takes a shower.

21 thoughts on “1965. Just down the corridor

      1. craig

        Indeed, all of us, beneath our social veneer, are full of creepy crawlies that we fear will be found repulsive by others, so we work to keep our faces perfect before others. Cheers for Bevan for seeing beyond all of that and loving the dear Magdalene even after he saw past her outward pretense! Doubtless she loved him the more deeply for it! So much so that she used her alien connections to secure their new abode.

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  1. Nitin

    I like the new sci fi Bruce. It’s classic Goodman with an intergalactic twist. It’s incredible that you maintain your style even when your content is radically different from what you normally do. Perhaps you could start a seven part fantasy series after this with the usual tropes – chosen ones, evil, dark Lords, twisted magic systems and uncharted lands.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bruce Post author

      LOL – thanks Nitin. At the moment I just want to have a rest. I’ve scheduled pre-written stories until December 6th – which is story #2020 (I think I might have told you all this – not sure) and after that I want to get out of the rut I’m in. Your suggestion might help!

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        1. Bruce Post author

          What I’m suggesting is that I bet the scientists haven’t looked into the possibility that weed killer and dark matter are one and the same. It why it’s called “Round-Up” – it rounds up those aliens.

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