1958. Apple-Song and Acorn-Rain

Phyllis had a fairy as a friend. No one believed her. In fact most people thought she was nuts. She would talk to her fairy and her fairy would talk back. They were inseparable. Phyllis’s fairy was called Apple-Song. So there you have it! If Apple-Song didn’t exist how come she had a name?

Phyllis didn’t have many friends apart from Apple-Song. I mean, who wants to be friendly with a girl who is nuts?

One day some naughty boys came along and they pretended to kill Apple-Song. Phyllis was very sad. Then people thought she was more nuts than ever. She still didn’t have any friends until Acorn-Rain came along. Acorn-Rain and Phyllis were inseparable. He was a boy fairy, whereas Apple-Song was a girl fairy.

These days Phyllis is a famous writer. She is a multimillionaire. Everyone else works their guts out achieving little in their humdrum jobs.

See? Who now doesn’t believe in fairies?

14 thoughts on “1958. Apple-Song and Acorn-Rain

  1. disorderlyjottings

    Ah 1958, the year of my birth! And a fabulous little story to celebrate it with! One must always remember that if something can be imagined then it exists, if only as a figment of the imagination. Fiction is a wonderful fusion of the real and the imaginary real (which is every bit as real).

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    1. Bruce Post author

      I used to growl (internally) when as a school librarian, teachers would say, “This is the fiction section which is true, and this is the non-fiction section, which is not true.”

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