1950. Trans-species compensation

When the Africans (way back) wandered further north into what is now known as Europe it had an unforeseen and detrimental effect on the Neanderthal population. In fact, pure bred Neanderthals became extinct. Today, a number of us have some Neanderthal genes tucked away somewhere.

What I am going to say now will have its opponents. Some people are simply dyed in the wool sticks in the mud; sharks feathering their own nest. They can’t change. They can’t adapt. But I am making a claim on behalf of all Neanderthals, or more particularly on behalf of those of us with Neanderthal genes, that we get some form of compensation from Africa for the annihilation of our people. They didn’t have to go northward into Europe. Was it inspired by systemic racism? I doubt, because it was trans-species. So it is possibly closer to systemic xenophobia than racism. Or perhaps we need to coin a new word. Speciesacationism?

There are so many urgent calls for justice in the world today, but I think we should start at the beginning and work our way down. I’m not at all surprised that Europeans of later generations (who have some of those afore mentioned genes) should refer to that area between Lebanon and Mozambique as the Great Rift Valley. Great Rift indeed! A permanent rift between Homo sapiens and the extinct Neanderthals.

Let justice prevail! I await a direct deposit from Africa in my bank account. Some of those South African diamonds might not go amiss.

32 thoughts on “1950. Trans-species compensation

        1. Bruce Post author

          My g-grandfather was born in Australia and I search fruitlessly for a convict connection. However he was shot dead during a card game in Ballarat during the gold rush – so that should count for something.

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  1. Timothy Price

    Good luck with that. I’ve been trying to get my Viking wife to pay reparations for oppressing my Welsh ancestors. However, I believe I have quite a bit of Home erectus leftover for reasons that are obviously male. Therefore, we males of the species need reparations for the extinction of our erect ancestors.

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  2. umashankar

    We live in strange times and blame it on the missing Neanderthals. My question is, who is collecting the dues on behalf of the dinosauriforms from the comets that have been swallowed by the dark matter of the anti-universe?

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