1946. Tropical Plants Conservatory

Lifetime school friends, Louise and Veronica, both celebrated their birthday on the same day. They usually did something together on that day and this year for their sixty-fifth they were going to visit the botanical garden’s Tropical Plant Conservatory.

“I do hope there will be no triffids in the greenhouse,” joked Veronica.

The Tropical Plant Conservatory was a large glass building. It would take Louise and Veronica an hour or so to quietly move among the foliage and espy this and that. Afterwards, they’d have a light lunch at the Conservatory’s café, and that would complete their birthday celebration.

At the door they were stopped by an attendant. “You realize, ladies, that if you bring a handbag into the Conservatory it has to be checked thoroughly on the way out for possible seeds and cuttings.”

“That’s no trouble,” said Louise and Veronica. “We shall leave our handbags here at the entrance with you.”

“That’s just as well,” joked the attendant, “because there is a handbag-devouring plant down the track. It’s related to the Venus Fly Trap.” It was an old joke; one he clearly cracked several times each day.

Louise and Veronica set out. An hour and a half later they returned to claim their handbags. The “attendant” had left. He’d gone to book his annual skiing trip to Switzerland.

22 thoughts on “1946. Tropical Plants Conservatory

      1. badfinger20 (Max)

        hmmm I may try what that “attendant” did…you just gave me a good idea. Not skiing though…I would not last a minute. I would buy a cast before I go…proactive.

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        1. Bruce Post author

          I once took a skiing lesson (from a German). I came down a gentle slop and he said: “Legs apart! Legs apart! Pig get through!” I said, “Do you mean I should have my legs apart so a pig could get through, or my legs together so a pig couldn’t get through?” He said “Yes” – and that’s why I don’t know how to ski.

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            1. Bruce Post author

              The first time I got on one (in fact the only time) I got on the wrong way around – with the bar between my legs, and I couldn’t get off. I went around about 4 times because I couldn’t move with the skis on.

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  1. observationblogger

    What a couple of old bags!
    I don’t know how many Venus Fly traps I owned as a kid and how many of them I hand fed with dead flies, but let me tell ya..it’s not as fun as it sounds.
    I hope life is treating you well downunder the red stars Bruce.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bruce Post author

      Thanks Matthew. Life is ok. Spring Equinox today – so hopefully there’ll be a change in the weather. I have 9 more stories to write to reach my aim of Story 2020 (on December 6) so when that’s done I’m taking a break (from blogging). Hope things are going well for you.

      Liked by 1 person


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