1943. A train to catch

I was scurrying to the train station to catch my usual morning transport. I was running late because I had spilt coffee on my trousers (thank goodness it had cooled) and had to get changed. In my haste I forgot to take my phone out of the wet trouser pocket, so I didn’t know by how much I was running late.

The clock on the town tower was renowned for its unreliability. Going by what it said I had five minutes to get to the station to get on the train to take me to work. I work as a bank manager, and today the big boss is coming for an important meeting. VERY important, he had said on the phone.

Only four minutes to go. I thought I’d start to run; actually trot along, as I didn’t want to be all sweaty during the VERY important meeting.

Two minutes to go. I simply cannot afford to miss that train. What the heck! I’ll have to run, sweaty or not! I can explain to the boss why I’m perspiring so profusely. And…

Made it! Phew! That was close! I got a seat too. No sooner had I sat than the doors closed and the train began to noiselessly slide away from the station.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” said a voice over the intercom. “Welcome to the non-stop day trip to the capital city. Refreshments are available throughout the trip in the cafeteria carriage.”

I was on the wrong train. It was going the wrong way and it would take all day to get there.


27 thoughts on “1943. A train to catch

  1. Herb

    That’s what happens when you don’t pay attention to the time. Your phone had an alarm clock, didn’t it? Oh, but you couldn’t be bothered to bring it along, could you? Young people nowadays!

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    1. Bruce Post author

      There was an wonderful antique wall clock I once saw in a museum in Cape Cod MS – it had only the hour hand. If you had an appointment at one o’clock (for example) you had an hour’s grace.

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  2. umashankar

    Now that is a fait accompli with a Hardyesque fatality. I am certain this guy is going to get caught by the ticket inspector, and since he has left his wallet behind in the coffee-stained trousers, he is going to get jailed at the end of the journey.

    He is if course going to lose his job and hang his family because they are too many.

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