1911. How wonderful to be beautiful!

I am a butterfly. Not just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill butterfly. I am gorgeous! I am dazzling! I am one of those things when humans see me they exclaim, “How could such a thing of beauty evolve out of a mere pile of sludge?”

It’s quite extraordinary how all I have to do is flaunt my beauty on a flower and cameras start to click. I’m sure if I was epileptic the flashing would cause a seizure. All I need do is gently flap my wings to attract attention. I have heard, at least I have been told, that to flap my wings too quickly would cause many a photograph to become blurred. So I flap my wings in a slow and stylish manner. Of course nothing disappoints me more if a photograph captures the moment when my wings are closed. It is a waste of exquisiteness.

One other thing about wing flapping that I have learned over the summer is to be careful not to flap the wings in too seductive a manner. Once I did that and clearly it blinded Mr. Butterfly who accidently landed on top of me. What a kafuffle!

So as you can see, I am exceedingly content with my lot in life. I have only one unfulfilled desire. I suspect it is the desire of many a butterfly – even ones not as beautiful as me – and that is to have a pin stuck through my abdomen and be put in a glass cabinet. Such a wondrous fate happens to a few chosen. How brilliant it would be to have my beauty preserved for an eternity!

Here comes yet another admiring fan up the garden path. I shall gently flap.


20 thoughts on “1911. How wonderful to be beautiful!

  1. James

    They say “no pain, no gain”, but perhaps this is also a case of “no pin, no gin”. Although that only makes sense if you know that I keep my gin in the same glass cabinet that I keep my butterflies. And how could you possibly know that? Especially because I just made it up and I have neither gin nor butterflies in my home. Nor indeed a glass cabinet. But if any of that was true and indeed it was commonplace to keep butterflies in glass cabinets that also contain gin, then my comment would be hilarious.

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  2. Herb

    You got me to thinking about the so-called “Butterfly Effect” and a portion of a speech I heard on a Youtube my son sent me a while back. It’s almost 10 minutes long, but it held my attention. I hope you don’t mind my sharing it:

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