1884. How to succeed

(Apologies today for two postings; this monologue here, and then a poem in an hour’s time. I normally like to do only one posting a day, but I’m “slightly” neurotic about not messing up my story numbering system and wanted to get the poem out of my head… anyway… thanks for your patience!)

You can’t pamper to everyone’s needs. You can’t pussyfoot around. You’ve got to be bloody-minded and go for it. Remember, if you want to make money, you’re number one.

Let me illustrate this with a story. There was this guy I knew called Dale. He was a plumber. He came to me and said, “Look Lincoln,” he said, “I’ve got this little old lady who’s not getting any hot water in the house. Probably she has accidentally flicked a switch off or something. She asked if I could come and look at it, but she said she couldn’t pay until next week when the pension comes in. What should I do?”

I said to him, to this guy Dale, you tell her to jump in the lake. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and if she can’t cough up then she can’t get the job done.

Later my mate, Dale, he said he did just that and she went for a week without hot water. And when the pension came in he contacted the lady to ask if she still needed the job getting done. She said it was getting urgent so he went round to her place two days later and charged her double for hounding him. Of course he didn’t say the hounding bit; he said he was charging double because the job was urgent. Also, it was just the switch turned off but he wasn’t going to tell her that. So he fiddled around for a while with some tools.

That’s the way to go about things if you want to earn a living – in fact more than a living – that’s the way to go about things if you want to live reasonably comfortably.

My motto for my business is KINDNESS LIVES HERE. People love it.

22 thoughts on “1884. How to succeed

        1. Bruce Post author

          When it comes to politicians being bastards I like to pick and choose. Not coming from the USA I like to keep out a bit – except to say how unfortunate that you share part of a name with Maxine.

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          1. badfinger20 (Max)

            There are a very few and select ones that I’ve actually liked. I’m neither democrat or republican but I sit back and watch the arrows fly between the two.
            Oh yea…I have heard of that one.

            Liked by 2 people

              1. badfinger20 (Max)

                LOL It’s the worse I’ve ever seen here. It will be better than any movie. You can’t write a script like this coming storm.

                I just dont get people in general. I have friends on both sides…I tell them you are pawns being played…you know that right?

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    1. Bruce Post author

      Every time I move house I have to “shop around” for an honest mechanic. And when I find one who doesn’t tell me I need new tires on every visit, I stick with him.

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