Music 352: Dancing in wet sand while wearing a mask

Happy 4th of July to my USA friends!

This piece of music today was a lockdown composition. I grew tired of hearing that one could walk on wet sand but not on dry sand, like we were cats looking for the “kitty-litter”.

[For those who like a more academic approach to music listening (and presumably in this case it’s not many of you because these things don’t matter!) this piece of music is not spontaneously played upon a keyboard. I took a 12-tone serial row by Arnold Schoenberg, made a grid out of it, and composed using only the diagonals on the grid. Whatever!]

Anyways – it brightened my day. I hope it brightens yours!

There is no sheet music for this one!

Listen HERE!

32 thoughts on “Music 352: Dancing in wet sand while wearing a mask

  1. dumbestblogger

    I have my mask on, the sand is wet, and I have laser beams attached to my body which disintegrate anyone who gets within six feet of me. Thanks for the music, and happy Fourth of July! (Which apparently is racist now?)

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    1. Cloven Ruminant Post author

      I’d give you a hug for keeping your 6 feet distance. My little town here (population less than a thousand I would suspect) is pulling down its statue of its WW1 hero to show its support of BLM. I’ve never heard of anything so freakin’ stupid. And when I say it out loud I ain’t saying freakin’.

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    2. João-Maria

      Sufjan Stevens has an amazing song named Fourth of July. In it, he details the cancerous death of his mother. Are you telling me Sufjan is racist? But he can’t be racist, he’s gay, but he can’t be gay, since he’s a Christian. Yet he can’t be Christian, since he’s gay? Or maybe he’s not gay, because he is racist?

      Oh my god do people have nuance now?

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        1. João-Maria

          You joke but Heidegger was an (actual, not just alleged) Nazi and I’m still somewhat embarrassed of liking his work. I know they are separate entities, but once can’t help but feel icky of letting some figures perdure despite their lugubrious crimes.

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            1. João-Maria

              Then, you’re cancelled, Bruce. I don’t get along with binocular users, you guys are disgusting. I only hang out with folks that stack their lenticular telescopes horizontally.
              I can’t believe I trusted you.

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  2. badfinger20 (Max)

    Well…I didn’t think of sand or bunny rabbits. I thought of a mouse dancing on a piano keyboard. I loved it but I could not get that out of my head. Talented mouse though.

    I’m a disappointment to you this week!

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      1. badfinger20 (Max)

        Well it’s a credit to you that you inspire mental pictures. Why animals? I don’t know. Yes maybe several unless you had a bionic mouse.

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  3. noelleg44

    Thank you for this! I like the Fourth of July and am tired of all the blogs beating down on the US for all past injustices. Yes, we have a ways to go but we’re still growing and learning.
    Dancing in the sand is really, really hard, but probably easier wet than dry. But so hard to socially distance!

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