1849. Midmorning coffee

Cyril liked to have a coffee midmorning. It provided a break from sitting at the office desk. Not that he didn’t take his mug of coffee to the office desk to drink, but it was different. He didn’t have any of those fancy gizmos that sophisticated offices have. There was simply an electric kettle sitting on a little table next to a plug, a jar of instant coffee, and a jar of sugar. Anyway, there was just Cyril and his secretary.

When Ivy his secretary left for a new job, Cyril didn’t replace her for several months. During that time, to be honest, he simply couldn’t be bothered making a coffee midmorning. It’s not that he didn’t want one. It just that he really couldn’t be bothered having to wash his mug and teaspoon first. And then if the teaspoon was wet the instant coffee would stick to the spoon, and how does one then use the spoon to get the sugar out of the sugar jar?

Eventually Cyril hired a new secretary. Delesia was the perfect secretary; pleasant, efficient, capable, hard-working.

On her first day of work, around about half past ten, she announced to Cyril that she was taking ten minutes of time out, and would he like a cup of coffee?

Would he what! What a dear creature! Yes please!

That was years and years ago. This Saturday they will have been married for forty-two years.

19 thoughts on “1849. Midmorning coffee

    1. João-Maria

      A baby INSIDE a baby INSIDE a carriage? I thought the double-baby stories were just that, just stories… can we all just aleatorily craft one such baby? Must we be wary of signs, like a double-moon, or stories from Bruce that do not contain the gruesome deaths of all males involved?

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      1. Bruce G. Post author

        In the end I take life as it comes, João-Maria. My wife has never has quadruplets and that means I had to try four times as hard to get the same effect. Or have I missed the point?

        Liked by 2 people

        1. João-Maria

          I do not know, Bruce, as I do not enjoy the company of humans. In fact, I only got here because I thought you were a veritable goat and a sensual one at that. I’m habituated to the disappointment, though.

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  1. umashankar

    In between the lines of stories, you have presented three characters and a union, and the conundrums of making instant coffee. As for the future, I am ignoring the averments made in the foregoing discourses.

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