1832. A spoonful of sugar

Craig’s doctor had said he was to go easy on the sugar. “You’re getting perilously close to being diabetic.”

The only occasion that Craig used sugar directly was coffee. In the mornings he had two cups of instant coffee, black, with a heaped spoon of sugar. His wife, Tracy, was the same – instant and black, with one heaped teaspoon of sugar.

Of course, Craig didn’t tell Tracy about the diabetes. He didn’t want to worry her. He ever so quietly simply gave up putting sugar in his coffee.

A week or so later, Tracy seemed to be in one of her moods. It was not an uncommon occurrence. Every now and again nothing in the world was right. Craig couldn’t hiccup without it causing a tsunami.

“I’ve been meaning to say this all week,” said Tracy. Her matrimonial corrections always began that way: “I’ve been meaning to say this all week…”

“What is it this time?” asked Craig.

“I’ve told you time and time again not to use the same spoon in the sugar as you use in the instant coffee. There are granules of instant coffee in the sugar bowl. It’s disgusting. Before long everything that has sugar in it will start tasting of coffee. Use a separate spoon.”

“I’ll do my best in the future,” said Craig.

Some lines of conversation are best not pursued – especially if down the line one is hoping to spend a little of the housekeeping money each week on a new fishing rod.

25 thoughts on “1832. A spoonful of sugar

  1. Herb

    Craig has been married to Tracy for a very long time is my first impression. The correct timing of the revelation of the doctor’s visit and where the coffee in the sugar came from could result in the gifting of the new rod with a reel to him instead of a fight.
    Or, if he was tired of it all, slipping a bit of something into the sugar bowl might be more in line with the Dark-Side-O.-Henry-esque nature of many of your stories.

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  2. arlingwoman

    Okay, I read all the comments hoping for a hint. I’m flummoxed. She’s scolding him about the sugar when she’s doing it? And he’s hoping to save money for a fishing rod on a teaspoon of sugar a day? Ummmmmm….

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Bruce G. Post author

      Right on the first count – she’s making a mess of the sugar. And I’m sure it will take more than a spoonful of sugar a day to purchase a fishing rod! He simply didn’t want to start an argument!

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