1831. The invasion

When Isadore bit into the apple he had no idea how it would change his life. It was just an ordinary apple. Not a green Granny Smith, but one of those rosy red ones. They have a name, but goodness knows what the name was. It was the apple season so the fresh apple was crisp and crunchy.

Unbeknown to Isadore, there was a caterpillar buried deep in the apple and somehow he had avoided chewing the creature and had swallowed it whole. He was utterly unaware of what had happened.

The caterpillar however wasn’t just an ordinary caterpillar; it was a device created by aliens from another planet, and this was the beginning of their infiltration into planet Earth. Once swallowed this device would send back to the alien invaders every detail of Isadore’s life. And Isadore wasn’t alone in being investigated. There were dozens; in fact, hundreds; in fact, thousands; in fact, millions.

There wasn’t a detail the caterpillar wasn’t designed to gather. And Isadore and all the other victims were to be saddled unknowingly for the rest of their lives. It was an alien invasion. No one saw it come. No one saw it operate.

The alien’s name was Google.

17 thoughts on “1831. The invasion

  1. umashankar

    Google is already here complete with its paraphernalia of devices. Someday, they will surely introduce an inner probe, and no, they won’t need to embed it into an apple. People will swallow it gladly. Apple will also be around and do things what you suggest the caterpillar did.

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    1. Bruce G. Post author

      Sometimes I think we are already there. Several times (on Word Press) for one reason or another I used the tag “Trump” for good or for bad (whichever). Those tags are no loner there but all other tags are.

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  2. Nitin Lalit

    It’s quite scary when you think about it. Some people say everything is being fed into some AI. Soon they’ll process algorithms and determine where you should be, and what you should do.

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