1825. Naming the child

It was to be the first birthday of Robyn’s firstborn, a girl, and the first grandchild of Mario and Dora. Robyn organized a little party for the occasion.

Robyn couldn’t believe that a whole year had gone by since the birth of her daughter. She had spent ages, both before and after the birth, in selecting a name for her child. It had to be something different; something uncommon but pronounceable; something that wasn’t silly and sounded like a proper name. Robyn thought of Keats, but really that was more suited to a boy. She thought of foreign names; some of the African names were beautiful but no one would know how to pronounce them properly.

Of course, it could be said that Robyn had spent too much time in selecting a name for her daughter. “Just name the child!” Robyn’s mother had said.

Now, a year on at the party things still weren’t settled. Robyn made an announcement.

“I’m changing the baby’s name. When I named her originally I thought the name was beautiful, but not so any more. From now on she will be known as Veronica and not Corona.”

30 thoughts on “1825. Naming the child

  1. observationblogger

    Corona in Spanish which means Crown would have been a very worthy name in November 2019. Patience can indeed be a virtue even though there were other Corona viruses out there. I still think it’s a pretty good name so I wouldn’t hold that against Robyn’s daughter Corona unless she subsequently spread herself to all parts of the globe. That’s probably where I will end my comment.

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        1. Bruce Post author

          It’s not really an insult – more pulling person’s leg. It means you’re youngish and like your beer – “You’re a pisshead” Mind you. being pissed in New Zealand/Australia means you’re drunk as can be. So we get confused when an American says he’s pissed!

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          1. dumbestblogger

            Haha, I see. I drink in moderation, not generally enough to get drunk, except on special occasions, but enough to propose a toast. (Truth be told I’m more of a whiskey guy, kind of partial to my Jack Daniels, but that’s not as funny.)

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            1. Bruce Post author

              In my dotage I’ve narrowed myself down to having a wine before dinner, and having a wine, and have a wine, and also having a wine. Did I say that twice?

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  2. Andrea Stephenson

    Oh dear, guess she should have waited a bit longer! It’s always interesting to see the names that are trending – old-fashioned names are more in vogue these days. I just pity the poor children whose parents can’t spell their name properly!

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