1811. The stamp of fame

Lois tried to post on her blog daily. Her postings were open to comments and likes. In fact, she felt quite thrilled when someone commented or gave her a like. It was as if putting time into creating a post was worthwhile, particularly if the comment said that her posting had been helpful.

Then one day someone posted a comment that was a bit rude: Why don’t you write about something interesting, you weasel?

Lois was a bit upset about it, but not too much. She continued to write and post. The comments got more vehement. Why don’t you write about something we can all understand? You’ve got your head in the clouds thinking that people are interested in such rubbish. I wish you’d stop annoying the hell out of people like me.

Lois could have deleted the comment but she left it on her blog, although she didn’t respond to it. She wondered why the commenter bothered to even read her blog. However, someone else came to her defence.

Professor Lois Stinghammer is the world’s leading expert in Neurocardio Conversigence. She blogs daily to help those of us who suffer from such a disease. We understand better what is happening to us and what we must do to help alleviate our condition. Thank you, Doctor Lois for your time and kindness, and a pox on Jello-in-the-kitchen for their rude and inconsiderate reaction.

Of course Neurocardio Conversigence wasn’t a disease that existed, and nor was Lois a doctor, but it wasn’t long before both got their own page on Wikipedia.

30 thoughts on “1811. The stamp of fame

  1. Nitin Lalit

    Bruce Goodman is a theoretical ethics professor. He utilises a unique method of expounding ethics using flash fiction. In his spare time, he lets his clown Binky (who was sent to him as part of an ethics experiment) make him hot sauce. The ethical conundrum here is that Binky himself might be the source of that hot sauce, and Bruce often wonders whether he must continue to use Binky or if Binky is using him or if he should send Binky back to the circus. Bruce enjoys Aristotle and has published his thesis on clowns and hamartia.

    There. No more stalkers, I hope.

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  2. umashankar

    That is a thought provoking autobiographical fiction. Lois the blogger, and professor, and the syndrome called Neurocardio Conversigence, not to speak of the Wiki Page, are the stuff legends are made of.

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