1803. Box in the attic

There’s a box I keep in the attic. I don’t know why I keep it. It’s got a few papers in it. I know exactly what they are.

They’re my divorce papers. From Marcia. They’ve been stored in the attic for almost five years. The whole thing came to me as a brutal shock. It was the last thing I was expecting. And then suddenly, one dinner time, Marcia announced the divorce.

I suppose I kept the papers so I’d know what to do next time. If it ever happened again. Like it would. I haven’t dated anyone since the divorce. These things knock the living daylights out of you. Nothing could replace Marcia. I live off the memory. I feed off the memory of those happy days. She’s since remarried. I suspect she met Herbert a good while prior to the divorce announcement.

My sister says I should move on, so this afternoon, when the truck came around collecting the trash I went up to the attic. I grabbed the box with the divorce papers, took it outside and chucked it (with a certain delightful vehemence I might add) onto the truck. It’s gone now. All gone. It was liberating. I felt as if I had let go.

Besides, yesterday I met Melanie.

42 thoughts on “1803. Box in the attic

    1. Herb

      As a boy, I lived in one house that had an attic. My dad had an old steamer trunk that had assorted odds and ends and ephemera in it.
      The house we have now has an attic, but it is mostly filled with uninteresting insulation and boxes of seasonal decorations.

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    2. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Come to think of it – I’ve lived in one with an attic. And it got poltergeist – which is a story on it’s own – and scared the heck out of me!! They would nightly rearrange our stored suitcases!

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          1. dumbestblogger

            I once did a show in what is supposedly the most haunted theatre in Minnesota. I went down into the basement one day, and thought it was interesting how all of the chairs were arranged in a circle. In the back of my mind it reminded me of a seance scene from a horror movie. I later read in a book about the mediums who practice their craft in that theatre, and realized with a shock that it was indeed a circle for seances.

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            1. Bruce Goodman Post author

              Youch! My experience was with footsteps in the attic just above where I slept starting at 11pm every night and finishing at 2am. The stored luggage would be moved, and every night the lights in the locked attic would be turned on. Also the toilet would flush on its own accord and the shower get turned on. I used to get to sleep rubbing my ears so I couldn’t hear all the noise!

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  1. judyrutrider

    One of the few regrets I have in life is leaving my philandering husband for another man before we were divorced. The decent thing would have been to have killed him and THEN found another man. Of course, there aren’t very many available men in a women’s prison.

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  2. Nitin Lalit

    Excellent piece Bruce. I feel happy for the protagonist, but also a little sad because he would have never moved on if there wasn’t a Melanie. I feel like telling him to read books, drink a few beers, go out with friends, laugh boisterously after watching BoJack Horseman and travel the world. But there is much truth here. I doubt we truly move on unless someone else comes along.

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