1795. Future classroom dialogue – c. 2162 CE

Student: Excuse me Miss. Do we really have to study this?

Ms. Honeybun: Yes, Zenith. It’s written by a great writer. It will stretch your imagination. It will open your eyes to possibilities.

Student: But we have already studied his novel and poems, and now we’re expected to study his short stories. Why can’t we study someone interesting, like Shakespeare or Emily Bronte or Thorkel X. Kaftan. (Note: Thorkel X. Kaftan didn’t appear on the literary scene until around 2098 CE).

Ms. Honeybun: Shakespeare is so very yesterday and greatly overrated. In my opinion we are studying the greatest writer since Euripides.

Student: But Euripides wrote plays. This stupid idiot didn’t write plays.

Ms. Honeybun: He’s not a stupid idiot, Zenith. And oh yes, he did write plays. His plays are the next thing on the syllabus we will be studying.

Student: I hate having things shoved down my throat.

Ms. Honeybun: When you are older you will thank me for having so forcibly introduced you to this lustrous author. Euripides and Bruce Goodman are undoubtedly the two greatest writers in the history of the world.

Second Student: Speaking on behalf of the rest of the class, we simply adore what you are teaching us, Miss Honeybun.

Ms. Honeybun: Thank you, Echinacea. I’m glad most of the class recognize greatness when they see it. Now could you please all turn to Story 1795: Future classroom dialogue.

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37 thoughts on “1795. Future classroom dialogue – c. 2162 CE

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Some people – Miss Honeybun included – make terrific sacrifices for the sake of good literature. And I took great pleasure in helping with the tossing – catapulting her over the wall in a similar manner to what Euripides did to the king in “The Bacchus”.

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      1. badfinger20

        I would have never thought that Bruce. You are not a fiction writer. I understand you more than I do Shakespeare…
        But you are talking to a guy that misspelled Shakespeare the first time and had to google it…so take it for what it’s worth.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. badfinger20

    The Boss knows all… from New Jersey to New Joi-zee!.. I’ll let you be on this note…I still can’t believe you had students named Honeybun.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. umashankar

    I hope the comments are included in the study for the immense enlightenment they afford to the context, theme, character and the author of the stories.

    Let there be reflected glory unto the followers!

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