Music 347: Magpies (for flute and piano)

Here is a piece for piano and flute – again, played on the computer – so it won’t be as exciting as in the real!

It’s called “Magpies” because the middle section sort of sounds like magpies gabbling away in the trees. At least, it sounds a bit like the magpies we have here in New Zealand (which were introduced from Australia in the 1860s to combat pastoral insect pests).


Audio HERE, sheet music HERE.

14 thoughts on “Music 347: Magpies (for flute and piano)

          1. observationblogger

            I’m afraid I didn’t notice the chorus, that could be because my Mum developed her on chorus yelling at us kids. Also my rival Australian team are called the Collingwood magpies. Come to think of it your piece is about the only good thing I’ve come to know about them and of course taking down your insects.

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  1. badfinger20

    I do like this but I’m a fan…your music moves well. It doesn’t get bogged down. That may not make sense but it does to me.
    I do like the f&/king magpie part.

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