1783. Soup and toast

Heidi asked her big brother, Edmund, why they hung the sticky fly paper from the kitchen ceiling. It was covered with flies. The summer had been a bad year for flies.

Edmund explained that when the sticky flypaper was taken down, it could be immersed in boiling water, and made into a delicious soup. All it took was the fly paper covered in flies, some hot water, and some pepper and salt. Then once it had been thoroughly boiled for about ten minutes the fly paper was removed and discarded. If there were too many large blowflies in the soup then the mixture could be briefly pureed. But generally speaking with the small flies it didn’t greatly matter.

That evening, Heidi said she would cook, and she had soup on the menu; soup and toast.

“I didn’t make the fly soup like Edmund suggested,” said Heidi, “because I knew it wasn’t true. Instead I made some soup out of zucchinis that I cooked and pureed. But for Edmund I made a separate dish.”

She placed the special plate of soup in front of Edmund. There was nothing wrong with it of course. It was the same as everyone else’s. But Edmund wouldn’t eat it. He just ate a bit of toast.

31 thoughts on “1783. Soup and toast

  1. Yvonne

    I had been wondering what to have for lunch today; the problem has been resolved.

    Perhaps it’s not relevant, but the damp weather has brought so many millipedes into the house, I can’t remember seeing such numbers of them.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      At Secondary School – at the inter-school Athletic Sports Day – the other competing schools would start chanting around 3pm (because we nearly always won), “Go Home! Milking Time! Go home! Milking Time!”

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I put a new one up every day – as it lesssens the number of flies in your hair! We rent and the house is without screens and next to fields of cow poop. So there are millions. That photo I took after putting it up for about ten minutes. And yes, we also use fly spray and have “shoo-fly” plants growing under the windows!

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      1. umashankar

        I am not aware how far into the future you have written stories, although I do expect to read most of those in my lifetime. Whether you have continued being prescient or prophetic, which you most certainly are, only time will tell. Of course, I don’t intend to hang around long enough to read the Scribbler Moon.

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