1778. A wallow in luxury

Charles was sent by his boss on an important mission. He would get paid extra, but the negotiations were going to be tough. Imagine getting paid to pamper oneself in a luxurious hotel in Dubai! Spas! Food! Wine! Swimming pool! What a shame it was, thought Charles even before he left for Dubai, that the negotiations would never succeed!

Of course he would stay in the hotel and take advantage of every luxury. The negotiations could go to hell. He was in it for the enjoyment, provided he played his cards right. He had clawed his way up, not without effort, to be number two in the company. Life was a breeze. The boss was weak and ineffective. Charles would take over the company management soon enough.

And play his cards right in Dubai he did! Twice the boss had phoned and twice Charles assured him that things were “tough”. The third time the boss phoned, Charles was wallowing in a luxury soapy bath. The phone slipped through his hand into the soapy suds.

“We seemed to have been cut off,” said Charles later.

“No we didn’t,” said the boss, who had been suspicious of Charles for a time. “I was in the room next door.”

18 thoughts on “1778. A wallow in luxury

  1. Herb

    Ol’ Chuck should have checked a little bit more closely. The boss may have been weak and inefficient but there was a reason he was the boss. He probably got to where he was the same way you were planning to, Charlie. He was hoping to wallow in luxury the way the billionaire was the other day.
    I couldn’t think of the name of this song the other day for the billionaire guy but today’s title made me try to figure it out. Rich people have it rough, too: https://youtu.be/fqgZ4iFccW8

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      1. arlingwoman

        His band was Dire Straits, then he went on his own. He’s one of the people whose guitar I can pick out from anything (Chet Atkins is another one and he and Mark did an album together). Anyhow, check out Romeo and Juliet and other songs will come up.

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