1771. Breakfast announcement

Children! Children! Continue to eat you breakfast but listen while I’m talking.

Johnny Sunderland! Get back to your place and eat you cornflakes and stop messing around.

As you know, this institution is called an orphanage although not everyone here is an orphan. Some of you have parents but you’ve ended up here for different reasons. Some of your parents are on drugs; some of you are here because your parents didn’t like you; some of you are here simply because your parents are too sick to take proper care of you.

That is the case for Johnny Sunderland. His mother was dying of cancer so Johnny came here to be cared for properly. Johnny Sunderland! Would you sit down and stop messing around. Listen, because this announcement concerns you.

I want you to be particularly nice to Johnny today because his mother died last night. Johnny Sunderland, sit down! I will see you in my office after you’ve finished breakfast.

17 thoughts on “1771. Breakfast announcement

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Yes – actually a school friend of mine was brought up in an orphanage, and the Reverend Sister appeared one breakfast and announced they were all to pray for the repose of Mrs X who died last night. And that was the first and only information the kid ever received!

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      1. disorderlyjottings

        Again apologies if my need to formulate a polarised argument cuts across my own belief in enjoying a book for the book’s sake. One of the things about a law degree is the practice of arguing whichever case you end up with. Barristers are often likened to taxi cabs and are not allowed to pick and choose their fares. I do appreciate your encouragement and look forward to not needing to be quite so strident in my (apparent) views. Having said that, as a student of both law and literature and as a huge fan of Charles Dickens, I really enjoyed writing it. All good wishes and hope that you are keeping well in these troubling times. Simon

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