1769. Wasting time

Lloyd would reheat a mug of coffee twice a day. He would place the mug in the microwave, press the one minute button, and start.

Every time he would impatiently pace up and down in front of the microwave; this was one minute of his life wasted. One minute wasted! How things would add up! Reheating twice a day meant two minutes wasted a day. That was almost quarter of an hour a week. Multiply that by the number of weeks in a year and it would come to thirteen hours. In round numbers that was one whole day wasted every two years. In a decade that would be five days. In fifty years it would amount to a month or so.

How he would appreciate that extra month at the end of his life! “Hey!” said God. “You didn’t waste two minutes a day reheating your coffee. You drank your coffee cold. You saved a month! Here’s that extra month tacked onto the end of your life!”

Time went by. The end was near. Lloyd lay on his hospital bed wracked with bone cancer. The pain was excruciating. Things dragged on for an extra month.

17 thoughts on “1769. Wasting time

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I’m just back from shopping prior to our lockdown. Plenty of everything says the Prime Minister. But no flour no yeast no couscous no pasta no coffee no bouillon – and a lady in the aisle I was in coughed. If I don’t die of the virus then there’s malnutrition to look forward to!!

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      1. observationblogger

        I’m surprised you guys weren’t already in ‘Lockdown’ Bruce. We started it last Friday. I hear you about the unavailability of products. I went to the Supermarket yesterday and no eggs!
        It’s been a while, I hope this message finds you well. At least you have a spacious garden and yard to prance around in. I’m envious of you at this time. lol

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        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          Glad you are still around, Matthew. Yes – full force lockdown happens at midnight tonight (Wednesday). I don’t understand such things: Full shutdown will happen in 3 days, so try and give the virus to as many as possible before then… May you and your stay safe!

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          1. observationblogger

            Oh, I’m still around Bruce lol. My motivation has waned keeping my site churning.
            I’m unaware of how Coronavirus is affecting NZ. I hope they can contain it and extinguish the f%&ker. Here in Colombia the cases are slowly rising (320) at the moment. I hope the tropical climate, humidity, altitude and strict quarantining nips it in the bud. The problem is we have too few test kits so God knows what the real numbers are, but you would think more people would be presenting themselves at hospital if it were much higher than the official count. Anyway, it’s just a waiting game in the meantime.
            You too buddy – you and family please stay safe.



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