Music 346: For oboe and piano

Last year (2019) for a New Year resolution I thought I’d write (after a many years’ hiatus) some pieces to play on the piano. It ended up being 181 piano pieces!

This year I thought I’d try to write some pieces for other instruments – but since I don’t play anything other than keyboard the audios are composed on what I have on my computer (which is what came with it when it was purchased over ten years ago – yes I know Windows 7 is obsolete).

Many years back I used to arrange and compose a lot of music for orchestra. I knew the strengths and restraints of most instruments. It’s now almost 40 years since I last wrote for orchestral instruments, so things have become a little rusty. However, the orchestrating tomes are still on the shelf and are coming in handy.

For today’s piece of music, which is for oboe and piano, I hope it is oboe friendly! One of the things about an oboe is that it doesn’t use up much air, so unlike most other instruments you blow into, an allowance has to be made for the player not just to breathe in but to breathe out first! If any of you are oboe players I’ll try to humbly accept criticism of fingering, phrasing, etc. I’m in awe of any oboist’s breath control!

The last thing I composed for orchestra that was performed was for a circus! They wanted an entire circus performance not to be just a series of acts, but to tell a story. It was quite successful. After that, a university lecturer (since deceased) invited me to compose a piece for a youth orchestra. He furnished a list of instrumentalists. I was excited! I handed him the score, and the next day he said that the strings didn’t have phrasing and many articulation markings. (Don’t string players have any nous and pencils?) I added the markings, and the next thing was that he said there were too many double bass parts. I concluded from that he didn’t like the piece. I gave up and have since done other things. But here I am back again!

I am extremely reticent about foistering such compositions as these on the public. I feel some trustworthy readers might feel loyalty-bound to listen. But what else can I do with the jolly things?!


Audio HERE, sheet music HERE.

19 thoughts on “Music 346: For oboe and piano

  1. Herb

    That’s really beautiful. I had gotten used to looking for the twist ending that I forgot that your blog’s header says music, along with other things. Perhaps the twist was that I looked for one and didn’t find it. I know next to nothing about music, but I think that piece is nice.

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  2. Yvonne

    I hope there is an oboe player among your trustworthy readers, and that he/she will play this and let you know their reaction.

    I found it pleasing to my ears, BA.

    Herb, I think the two instruments were doing a fine job of twisting and entwining the notes.

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  3. badfinger20

    Bruce I’m not schooled in music for an orchestra and what to look for and what not to look for…I’m a fan of good melodies…and this one is good. I like how it keeps moving.
    You are a prolific man… 181 pieces.

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  4. Tina Siuagan

    It’s so peaceful yet very uplifting. It sounds happiness and good memories – that’s its effect on me. Thank you for sharing your music. Too bad I haven’t learned any instrument to be able to try this out myself. Even so, I am happy to have stumbled upon this masterpiece. I would just be contented listening to this. ❤

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