1752. A winning day

Don’t ask me how he knew, but he knew alright. Charlie knew that this was his winning day. He didn’t know exactly how, but he knew it deep down in his bones.

He had always been intuitive; like when he knew his brother had passed away before the phone call even came through. Perhaps today he would win a lot of money in the lottery. Or perhaps he’d win the trailer load of groceries that the local Rotary Club had organized; after all he’d taken two tickets in the raffle. Perhaps he had been given the winning voucher from the local electronic supply shop; the promotion had said “Spend $20 and go in the draw to win”. He already knew how he’d spend it; at least how he’d spend part of it. He wanted a rice cooker, and a deep fryer, and a hand held whizzy stick-thing that pureed stuff. Not being sure as to which scenario was going to make his lucky day simply added to the excitement!

And then… as he looked out the window, two cars slowly passed the front of his house. One was a shiny new bright red car. Both drivers slowed down and looked at his house. They stopped just up the road. One of the drivers got out and went to the other driver’s window. They spoke for about five minutes.

During that time, Charlie was beside himself. He’d won a car! He simply knew! There were a number of competitions he’d entered over the previous month to win a car, and at last it had come to fruition. Oh lucky, lucky day!

The two cars were turning around now. They began to slowly approach Charlie’s house. He knew! He knew! Don’t ask me how he knew, but he knew alright. Charlie opened his front door wide as a welcoming gesture. His heart was in his mouth. The cars were moving so slowly. They almost came to a stop. And then they went right passed.

7 thoughts on “1752. A winning day

  1. Yvonne

    The two hired killers realised they were on the wrong street. They turned left at the next street and paid a short visit at the home of Lucky Luca, then slowly drove away to report success to the man who had given them this assignment.

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  2. dumbestblogger

    If only he’d had one of those hand held whizzy stick things. Maybe he could have turned it on and waved it in the air. The noise and movement would have made the car guys noticed, and they would have felt sorry for such a pathetic guy as Charlie and given him a car.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I have a whizzy stick thing and I used it this very day to puree some zucchini soup. Not a single car person made an appearance. Tomorrow I shall wave it in the air with greater abandon to see if it attracts anything.



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