1749. A symphonic desire

Desmond had only one thing on his bucket list: to conduct a symphony orchestra. For over thirty years Desmond had been to every concert the national orchestra had staged in his home city. If only he could wave the baton for one minute! He would slow the orchestra down; he would speed the orchestra up; he would increase the volume; he would lower the volume. Such power at the tip of a little stick!

Of course, he would need to have the music and all the parts written out for each instrument. Desmond had a piano background from way back, so preparing the music was nothing. Selecting the piece of music was more problematic. In the end he chose to conduct Percy Grainger’s 1918 arrangement of Country Gardens. It was short and catchy, and had already been arranged for orchestra. Desmond need only get hold of the parts or write them out by hand himself. And he did that; he wrote the parts out himself.

And then tragedy struck. Such tragedy happens to most of us. The doctor gave Desmond sad news: you have but a short time left. Desmond had many acquaintances and friends, but only one knew of Desmond’s sole bucket-list desire. That friend wrote to the symphony orchestra. He already has the parts written out for Grainger’s Country Gardens. He’s been to every concert in thirty years. The piece of music is short. Perhaps he could conduct it at a rehearsal? But hurry! He has but a short time left.

The symphony orchestra scribbled a reply at the bottom of the friend’s returned letter: “Certainly not”.

17 thoughts on “1749. A symphonic desire

    1. Bruce Post author

      Thanks for introducing me to Nicholas Sparks. At present I have my hands full keeping up with Danielle Steele. Imagine if those two got together and made a baby.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Nitin Lalit

    The tragedy that is life Bruce. But at least he got a letter (sentence) of rejection. Some snobs just ignore you!


    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      The last time I played in a (makeshift) band was to accompany school choirs. The lead guitarist expected us to follow him. Only trouble was – he was taking no notice of the woman conducting the choirs.


        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          He was ok in the rehearsals; just went ballistic in his playing at the concert. One of the guitarists kept texting his girlfriend in the audience during the actual performance!



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