1726. A lesson to us all

Edward had a pet penguin. It was highly illegal. This particular species of penguin was a protected species; having one as a pet was inconceivable.

But it was not as if Edward had captured the penguin and kept it in a cage. No, the penguin had chosen Edward. One day he was sitting on the pier fishing when up popped the penguin and sat next to him. At first Edward was rather taken by it all, but then the penguin followed him home and settled in. It was a Little Blue Penguin, the smallest species of all penguins. It made a lot of noise!

Each day the penguin waddled on its own down to the wharf, dived into the sea, and fossicked for its own food. It was the cheapest pet to keep that Edward ever had. Only once did it fail to return, but after a day there it was again sitting in its own special armchair on the porch as if nothing had happened.

Edward didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl but he called it Penny anyway – Penny the Penguin. And then the government’s Department of Conservation heard about it. They came and took the penguin away and it died. Edward was taken to court and fined a hefty sum for keeping a protected species. As the judge said, Let that be a lesson to us all.

11 thoughts on “1726. A lesson to us all

  1. dumbestblogger

    I once had a job that required knocking on a lot of doors. I knocked on a door one day and the guy who opened it immediately looked up into the trees, and told me he would be right back. When he came back he had on a falconers glove and was holding a live mouse. He held out his hand, and an owl swooped down from a tree and took the mouse from his hand. I was very impressed.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      That is such an exciting story, When I once visited a household in USA we had chicken for dinner, and the guy took all the chicken bones and tossed them into a cupboard. He said “That’s for the pet tarantula.” Being a rather green foreigner I almost died of fright.

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