1720. Unhealthy food

Loreta had embraced the relatively new fields of genomics, pharmacogenomics, biogenics and epigenetics. She knew the possible carcinogenic outcome of eating genetically modified tomatoes. She knew that low-fat yoghurt was unhealthy. Shrimps could cause gout. She knew that red meat was… need one go on? In fact, Loreta had made an extensive list of what not to eat and the dire consequence if one did.

Anyway, the coroner determined that the cause of her death was malnutrition.

19 thoughts on “1720. Unhealthy food

          1. observationblogger

            It’s been too long since I’ve had Fush and Chups that I won’t be crying in my weetbix any time soon concerning your predicament. That’s because it’s been about as long since I’ve eaten weetbix. I gather you have weetbix in NZ.

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  1. Nitin Lalit

    She didn’t get food from the future sent to her via time travel? It’s tasteless, but it purifies the system. I get it every Sunday after a week’s binge of pork vindaloo (the greasiest kind.)

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      1. Nitin Lalit

        Fish Curry sounds South Indian. Mangalorean, Goan or fish curry from Kerala are all good albeit different. Other great South Indian dishes include squid ghee roast, masala dosa, idli, donne biryani, chicken stew, kheema, etc. I understand very little of both North Indians and their cuisine lol. On a serious note, I like a few of their dishes. Their food is rich though.

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