1701. Natural-born loser

Mavis took a ticket every week in the Lottery. She had done that for forty-two years and not won a thing. Every week she had prayed to God that she would win the Lottery.

“It’s not the money,” she would say, “it’s the security”.

But God never answered her prayer. Week after week it was “Dear God, please may I win the Lottery.” And week after week God ignored her petition.

After forty-two years Mavis had had enough. “I know what I’ll do,” thought Mavis. “I never have a prayer answered. I’ll pray to God that I DON’T win the Lottery. That way when I don’t win I can say my prayer was answered.”

But she won! She won! Mavis sighed deeply.

Some people are natural-born losers.

10 thoughts on “1701. Natural-born loser

  1. umashankar

    The story put an enormous smile on my face, which points to certain streak of cruelty in my heart on being so happy about someone being a natural loser.
    Wish you a magnificent, soul-fulfilling New Year, my friend!

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  2. disorderlyjottings

    That is how I now intend to buy my next ticket. I have never had a single number come up on the 3 lottery tickets I have bought, over a space of 15 years. So next time I will choose 6 numbers and reject those and continue the process until there are only 6 numbers that I haven’t chosen. These must be the winning line. If I’m not on here for a while it will be because I’m waiting for my natural-born loser tee-shirt to arrive.

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