1683. Seventieth birthday toast

“Well,” said Ferdinand, “a toast to my dear wife on her seventieth birthday. She has always faithfully stood by my side. When I went into politics nearly forty years ago she bore the brunt of raising a large family on her own. Such were the calls of politics.”

“We were indeed saved by the fabulous commission we received when she published her first collection of poetry. Normally poetry books don’t sell particularly well, but in this case I was able to buy a largish property in Mount Hollydell and a yacht.”

“These days we are both retired and lead quiet and peaceful lives. To be honest, I can’t remember when we last argued. Rowena has always been compliant, considerate, and the epitome of what a spouse should be.”

“A toast therefore to Rowena on her seventieth birthday.”

Ferdinand raised his glass, finishing off in one glug half of the glass’s contents.

“Yuk!” said Ferdinand. “This wine tastes awful.”

Rowena smiled coyly. This, over the years, was her sixteenth and final attempt.

17 thoughts on “1683. Seventieth birthday toast

  1. disorderlyjottings

    While watching Casualty (a hospital drama which I don’t know if we export to New Zealand) suspense is created by an old man saying “I’ll just go up this stepladder with a naked flame to check on the unusual smell of gas coming from the loft.” You create the same suspense as soon as you introduce a happy couple and a bottle of wine. Brilliant!

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    1. Bruce Post author

      That’s very kind thanks, Simon. I believe we get Casualty over here but I’ve never seen it. It’s actually IS my 70th b’day today – so I’m hoping for a toast!

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    1. Bruce Post author

      Thanks for that, Uma. I had a lovely birthday, and got a new lawn mower – the old one had lost a wheel and had a lot of trouble pushing it! In fact I was thinking that lawn-mowing could well become a thing of my past. But this new lawn mower is a breeze.


    1. Bruce Post author

      If only! (regarding the bodies lying around). I’ve almost completely run out of steam and am finding it hard to wind up things for the year – mainly because of computer troubles that you know about! I need to take one (if not several) of your reflective walks!

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