1681. Felicity’s daughter’s fiancé

When Felicity’s daughter’s fiancé choked to death on a ham sandwich Felicity was somewhat relieved, to put it mildly.

Felicity’s daughter, Adriana, had been engaged to Desmond for just over a year, and Felicity disapproved. Not that she showed it of course, but Desmond’s fatal choking came as a disguised gift from the gods. It’s not that there was anything wrong with Desmond; he was a nice enough person, but it was his family that was cause for concern. Desmond’s twin brother, Russell, was a gang member and was known to live an exceedingly seedy life. “Slime Ball” Felicity called him; and when two eggs hatch in the same nest don’t expect the fledglings to be much different from one another.

Felicity attended Desmond’s funeral and shed the appropriate tear; mainly because she felt sorry for Adriana. But her heart was singing. That was over six months ago. So it was pretty distressing yesterday when Adriana came home and announced she was moving in with Slime Ball, the seedy gang member.

15 thoughts on “1681. Felicity’s daughter’s fiancé

    1. Bruce Post author

      You’re so suspicious, Uma!! Now I’ve run out of stories – so there’s going to be a silence emanating from this corner for a while. The “whatevers” seem to have invaded my computer space and I can’t seem to do aything on or offline – let alone this…!

      etc etc

  1. disorderlyjottings

    Hello Bruce. Simon here. A return to blogging with an awful(ly) wordy new blog. Give it a read any time you’ve got an hour to kill. All good wishes. I’ll be back to reading these stories just as soon as I’ve re-learnt to navigate the system.

    1. Bruce Post author

      Hello Simon -I can’t get on your new site at present -not sure if it’s my computer playing up (I’m about to throw it out the window) or if it’s something/someone higher up that’s causing this glitch. I’m currently having so many computer problems that I’m starting to suspect that it’s God telling me to get out into the garden this summer. Lovely to hear from you. I shall pursue all leads to disorderliness.

      1. disorderlyjottings

        I rather get the feeling I haven’t yet pressed all the buttons necessary to launch my new blog on an unsuspecting world. I wouldn’t eject your computer just yet. Experience tells me that when there is a high tech problem the cause is often to be found in North East Derbyshire. Try typing in Disorderly Jottings into wordpress reader. That has worked for an Australian friend. Likewise, it is lovely to hear from you. Enjoy that summer and send it back to us in glowing condition.

  2. Nitin Lalit

    I’m pretty sure Felicity likes it rough. She’s just jealous that’s all! I mean which woman wouldn’t fall for a gun-slinging, nefarious, cigarette smoking, bearded, ashen-teethed, unwashed, lowrider riding son of a gun! All the ones I’ve known have dumped me for them!


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