1679. Breathless

Leonora felt his hot breath on the back of her neck. She knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands to himself. There was little she could do to counter his body pressed against hers.

How she hated these rides to work every morning on an overcrowded bus.

15 thoughts on “1679. Breathless

  1. Andrea Stephenson

    Ugh! I’m glad my bus is usually a lot emptier than that! But I have experienced the buses in Rome – my partner had her hand in her pocket on one when another hand appeared in her pocket trying to pick it! Fortunately it was chained to her belt so he didn’t get it!

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    1. Nitin Lalit

      Of the 90210 sort I reckon. On a serious note, I knew where you were going the moment I read the first line. But the picture made me wonder what a sensual post by you would read like.

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