1676. Requiring an element of purgation

The angel informed Eddie that he was dead. “You kicked the bucket,” said the angel. “You died in your sleep.”

“You’re pulling my leg,” said Eddie. “I’m just having a dream.”

“I think not,” said the angel. “Try getting out of bed.” Eddie couldn’t move. He was stuck lying on his back. He couldn’t even wiggle his toes.

“I’ve come to get you and take you to a wondrous place,” said the angel.

“You’re talking through a whole in your head,” said Eddie. “I’m just having a bad dream. Stop annoying me. I’m going nowhere. Piss off. I’m trying to sleep.”

“Very well,” said the angel, and left.

That was two hundred years ago.

8 thoughts on “1676. Requiring an element of purgation

    1. Bruce Post author

      I had difficulty in finding a “picture” of an angel that was not associated with children. At least (in the proper West) angels are a little more “ungrounded” than that. I do believe in angels – but the story and picture have little to do with it!

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  1. arlingwoman

    Bruce, this story called to mind a short story by Allan Gurganus in a collection called White People. The story is called It Had Wings. I think you would like it. Gurganus is a southern writer, and I believe you lived in one of the Carolinas at one point, so you’d have a little more insight into him than many.

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    1. Bruce Post author

      Thanks for that reference, Lisa. I shall search him out. Ashville NC and Gastonia NC were my stamping grounds for a while. Flannery O’Connor (near enough to NC!) is one of my heroes! Of course Ashville was home to O. Henry and Thomas Wolfe so I felt I was in good company.

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