1674. The tale of a prosthetic leg

Chrissy was not her real name; it’s a pseudonym. Name and gender have been changed to protect the identity of those concerned. The trouble Chrissy had (she now lived alone but years ago had married a returned soldier who had lost a leg in the war. The husband had taken off after a few years, and according to Chrissy, his whereabouts was unknown) was not that she hadn’t got rid of the body. Over time and bit by bit she had destroyed her husband’s corpse. There was only one difficulty: what to do with his prosthetic leg? It was made mainly of metal and plastic. Since her husband’s murderous demise she had kept his leg hidden in a tall slender vase she kept at the front door. She used the tall vase as an umbrella stand.

Chrissy had neither the skill nor the tools to disassemble the leg. It was a millstone around her neck. It was the last remnant of evidence that could send her to prison for her dastardly deed. You see, as already implied, Chrissy had murdered her husband and concocted a story that he had left her and disappeared into the wide world. Not only was the prosthetic leg indestructible, but it had been the murder weapon. In a moment of passion Chrissy had picked up the leg while her husband was in the shower and swiped him over the head with it.

The strike to the head didn’t actually kill him, but knocked him out. With considerable effort Chrissy had blocked the shower plughole and her husband was drowned in the rising water.

That was the beginning of Chrissy’s slow and methodical destruction of evidence.

If you have a suggestion as to what to do with the prosthetic leg I’d be very keen to hear.

9 thoughts on “1674. The tale of a prosthetic leg

  1. umashankar

    Only moments ago I had put this comment in your previous post about how we are mostly bi-pedestrians as humans. It turns out that complications arising out of being a mono-pedestrian could be way too overwhelming in certain circumstances. You seem to be subjecting your readers to a semester test as to the wisdom gleaned absorbing stories at your blog.

    Sir, I propose that Chrissy burn that damn thing in the fireplace which will get rid of the plastic and wood. The remnant structure would serve well as a weapon in future enterprises. That can be also be used as modernistic legs of a stool, or a stump for the ivies to climb in the garden outside.

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    1. Bruce Post author

      I agree – being a mono-pedestrian could lead to blindness and so on. Regarding what the person going under the name of Chrissy should do with the leg, I think – as the saying goes – she should put a sock in it.



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