1669. Crossing the river

When the specialist told Gladys that her left leg would have to be amputated, she wasn’t at all pleased. “It’s gangrene,” said the doctor. “It’s gangrene in the toes. There’s no other way for survival than amputation.”

Golly gosh! Gladys was struck dumb. She’d had that leg all her life, she said. And then she laughed. What a silly thing to have said! “Well doctor, you probably don’t realize but I’ve had these legs all my life.”

Somehow the absurdity of her reaction diffused the shock a little. “And when doctor will this happen?”

“This afternoon,” said the doctor. “The sooner the better.”

“But I’ve got my car parked in the hospital car park,” said Gladys, as if that was a reason to forego immediate amputation. Somehow Gladys had imagined that she would get a month or so at home pottering in the garden and doing this and that before being rendered half-legless. It was not to be. The afternoon came and went. Gladys’s leg went too.

All that was two years ago. These days she’s back at home as happy as a sand-boy. Some things are a bit tricky for her to do, but as Gladys said to her doctor: Sometimes you have to swim the alligator-infested river to get to the safety of the other side.

25 thoughts on “1669. Crossing the river

          1. Bruce Post author

            The link is playing up – it works if you copy and paste the link in the thingy at the top (the place where you type out addresses). I tried to fix it but it has a mind of its own!

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            1. Yvonne

              That’s what I discovered also, BA, hence the 2nd attempt, which was also a failure.
              Hey, you don’t even have to write a post, just turn me loose on a chatty day, and your work is done.

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      1. Bruce Post author

        I had to go back and have a read! The story was because on Monday (almost 2 weeks ago!) one of my brothers had his left leg amputated below the knee. On Friday they told him they would be taking the rest of the leg off on Monday because it wasn’t working, so they bandaged him up again. And when they undid the bandages on Monday they were stunned! It had all healed so they sent him home!


    1. Bruce Post author

      Do you know(no you don’t but soon will) that in all my 70 years I have never bothered to find out what the word “aphorism” meant. Now I know! Thanks for the encouraging comment!

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