1642. Rain! Rain! Rain!

(The photo is taken from my desk!)

Rain! Rain! Rain! It was always raining! It had so flooded Hedley’s backyard pot plants that they were dying. He must somehow bring them inside. Perhaps put them in his garage if there was enough light.

There were large puddles on his driveway. The spouting in front of his sitting room window was overflowing down onto his rose garden. His vegetable garden was so saturated that it was not only impossible to gather vegetables, but the vegetables were rotting in the ground. His lawn was a mud pool.

Rain! Rain! Rain!

Hedley woke with a start in the armchair where he had dozed. The stifling heat of this two-month long summer drought was starting to get to him. The city’s ban on garden watering meant most of his usually wonderful garden had shrivelled up. Oh for rain! Rain! Rain!

13 thoughts on “1642. Rain! Rain! Rain!

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      In fact, despite the photo, our weather has been reasonably balanced. I have watered the garden from the household rainwater tank all summer (because it’s usually hot and dry) and the tank has also been full with rain water. We are luck because if it did run out of rain water we have a hose by our gate with river water that’s pumped around the farm.


  1. noelleg44

    That’s what we are saying here – rain, rain! We are in a two+ month drought – finally got a soaker on Sunday but not nearly enough. But then we had a spring where we nearly drowned. I’m just glad I’m not a farmer.

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