1628. Tatty blues

Gazing out the window at his clothes on the line Bruce realised just how tatty his clothes had become. Not only that, but everything was blue. What was needed was a visit to town and some new clothes. Fliers advertising the coming season’s garments had just come in the mail. This was the answer to a prayer:

New range of colours in our Spring Collection! Join in the innovative springtide riot! Throw all caution to the wind with our symphony of hues!

Feeling a desire to “branch out” this was an invitation to recklessness. Bruce got in his old truck and headed for town.

There they were! Row upon row of the new season’s clothes! All black or a lovely shade of grey. The swimming gear was black with white dots. There was one white shirt in different sizes, and (ah! one colour amidst the dismal rows) three pullovers in dark, dark green.

The next time Bruce hung his washing on the line it was identical to the previous load of laundry: all blue and quite, quite tatty.

12 thoughts on “1628. Tatty blues

  1. umashankar

    My favourite garments have always been some shade of blue. Over time, I have greyed and whitened extensively, aided solely by my credit cards whose bills are the stuff nightmares are made off. The autobiographical scoop reminds me to switch to pastel shades. Yes I will be mocked. But I won’t be blue anymore. (No, I am not quoting Dan Seals).

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      How the (let me be polite here) hell did you know Dan Seals? I need to venture into garments of scattered colour – not squares or stripes – just blotches of all sorts. But can I find it? Not on you Nelly!



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