1603. Lorraine tosses her bouquet

Lorraine’s wedding was more than an Instagramable Experience, it was a Facebook Sensation. More than one hundred and eighty-five thousand people had given her wedding pictures a like, to say nothing of the countless comments. People were so generous and loving when it came to messages of congratulation, even if they had never met Lorraine.

Wishing you every happiness in the future.

May God look down on thee.

This was a day in paradise to celebrate!

Of all the hundreds, in fact thousands, of messages, only half a dozen were mean and nasty. Lorraine scrubbed them from her Facebook page. It’s a free world, and she wasn’t going to have wizened-up cretins ruin her wonderful day.

The photographer was marvellous. A natural! He put Lorraine so at ease. Even the photograph when she had slipped a little on the grass when heading for the park where the photographs were to be taken… Lorraine had tossed her wedding bouquet in the air as she slipped. The bouquet was caught by the matron-of-honour, who also happened to be Lorraine’s best friend. All was captured by the photographer. In fact the photograph of Lorraine tossing the flowers into the air was the most liked snapshot of all. The photograph was one of those accidents where everything fell into place quite by… accident. The pièce de résistance! That one photo was possibly the reason why so many strangers had gravitated to Lorraine’s Facebook page for a peek and a comment.

The collection of photos captured the most perfect day in Lorraine’s life and she shared it with so many wonderful people!

Except Lorraine’s real name was Jeanette, and she and her friend had made the whole wedding thing up.

21 thoughts on “1603. Lorraine tosses her bouquet

  1. umashankar

    Ah, the Facebook! Where doth this wretched Matrix of lies that humans have woven end? We are caught and being strangulated by the slimy threads of our own saliva. Coming to the twist in he story, I didn’t see it coming, and that is a credit to your wily craft. It s a cricketing equivalent of a fierce pacer releasing a slow ball that gets you plumb.

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