1583. Dropped dead

Yeah, well, I was walking down the street when this guy walking along in front of me dropped dead. Just like that. He didn’t have time to turn around and say Help! or pop into a shop he was passing and say Can I have a drink of water? or something. Just PLOP and he was dead. Lying flat on the pavement.

Of course everyone rushed to his aid. He must’ve hurt himself in the fall because there was quite a bit of blood. There were enough people helping him so I moved on. Too many cooks spoil the broth as the saying goes. So I thought it better that I don’t get in the way. Besides, if I’m to be really honest, I don’t know much about first aid. Anyway, when a guy drops dead he’s dead, and I saw he was good and proper dead as I passed.

You often don’t know what’s going to happen next half the time. The guy could’ve been a Chinese spy or anything for all I know. Although he didn’t look Chinese. He might’ve been a Russian spy. They look more like us. You never know these days who is walking right in front of you.

I dare say it could have been captured on video camera. Streets have these cameras for security, but as far as I know this section of street doesn’t have any security cameras because I checked it out.

I see in the paper that the police are calling for witnesses. Apparently he was a foreign national working as a double agent. It’s funny how things come out in the wash. The guy didn’t have a heart attack. He was shot slap-bang in the back the police said.

Must’ve been shot by the guy walking behind him!

22 thoughts on “1583. Dropped dead

          1. Yvonne

            Ooh, that’s real life drama. And, you didn’t get expelled, and look at the twists and turns your life has taken.

            And, there’s your Stagebarn site nailed to my desktop for rainy days!

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  1. umashankar

    That was a masterful rendition. It was a carefully planned execution, keeping the cameras in mind and all, and the psychotic confessor has taken his chances. What’s unfortunate though is the selection of the victim, who seems to have paid for his appearance rather than creed. It seems there are too many of them out there looking to quench their blood thirst.

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        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          !! I don’t notice physical traits very much – my nieces and nephews are: Indian, Fijian, Fijian Indian, Japanese, Jordanian, Australian, NZ Maori, Kiritibaian (Gilbert Islands), English, Irish, Dubai-ians, Welsh, Dutch, Mexican … goodness, there’s only 27 of them and I never realized the diversity. But it’s not unusual. They’ve just started on the next generation and I’ve lost count, but they’re breeding in all colours and sizes. Maybe that’s the future. I never noticed that the guy in the photo looked Mediterranean.

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          1. umashankar

            Harry Seldon would have approved that! Incidentally, I have been ranting about the guy in the story all this while, and the image in my mind is of a person who is more like Sergei Bubka! 😀

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