1554. Road kindnesses

(The closing sentence for this story was suggested by Noelle of Sayling Away.

Only twice in her life had Claudette experienced kindness from drivers on the road. Usually it was road rage, road rage, road rage, as haughty drivers pushed and shoved and manoeuvred to their dominant position in the traffic circus.

The first act of kindness was years ago. It was 1965. Nanette had tried to change lanes but couldn’t make it comfortably. She didn’t attempt it again, but knew she was in the wrong lane. When she stopped at the traffic lights, the car she had tried to come in front of stopped beside her. The window came down and a kind man said, “When the lights change you go first and cross over in front of me.” And that is what Claudette did!

The second act of kindness happened just recently; in fact two days ago. Exactly the same thing happened. A kind man wound down his car window and said, “I see you’re trying to change lanes. When the lights change, you go first and move into my lane.”

How kind is that? Claudette felt like bursting into tears. Why can’t more drivers be like that? How different the driving experience would become!

The lights changed. Claudette changed lanes as she sped away. A truck coming across the intersection failed to stop.

Two days later Claudette came out of her coma. She wasn’t the least bit surprised when she woke up and found it was 1965 again.

17 thoughts on “1554. Road kindnesses

  1. umashankar

    Time travel exists after all. It’s a pity only a fraction of the brain of a fraction of humanity decides to take part in the transcendence. Lovely twist, even if the crash was imminent.

    Liked by 1 person


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