1545. Wheat allergy

Rosemary felt ill most of the time.

Eventually she got a doctor who knew what she was talking about. After tests, the doctor pronounced that Rosemary had a wheat allergy.

“Avoid bread and other food made from wheat,” said the doctor.

“But doctor,” said Rosemary, “my husband bakes bread every day. He always has. He’s so proud of his bread-making skills. And he does make lovely bread. That’s how we met.”

Rosemary went home. She never told her husband.

Rosemary felt ill most of the time.

16 thoughts on “1545. Wheat allergy

  1. umashankar

    Rosemary should go to Mars, really. Truth be told, Rosemary was a Martian who landed on Earth riding a tiny fleck of rock dislodged from Mars when a comet struck the red plant while one of its moons was on ascendant and the other one was about to set. The origin of her interplanetary journey would require a detailed narration, but her journey as an Earthling began when the rock travelling at hypersonic speed entered the swimming pool Rosemary’s mother had taken a dive in…

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