1518: Bloggeration

Hi. My name is Zhara and I would like to share with you what I have learnt about blogging by blogging. First of all don’t get caught up with trying to get lots of likes – I get about 1100 likes and I am happy with that. I get friends on Facebook and stuff to give me likes as it’s a way of promoting my blog to those who are missing out. It is so exciting! I can’t believe how popular I am. My friend, Arizona, only got 27 likes!!!! What a loser!!!!

I also try to select the best makeup to recommend, even though I’m not a makeup blogger but a lot of women are interested in makeup so they are attracted to my blog because of the makeup. And the guys like coming to my blog to see the photos of the women wearing the makeup. And I also post about makeup for men for those who like looking at men like my cousin Alfred. So find some side things to put in your blog to attract a wider audience – like makeup and fashion and face cream and hair and stuff.

It’s also helpful if you suffer from some ailment and talk about it. I got a fungal infection once but I didn’t blog about that. It is better to go for sychological (that’s a word I can’t spell) ailments like skizno skitzo depression. People run away from viruses but they don’t mind (or rather like) people who are suffering and they like to offer their support. But what is the point of offering support to someone with a fungal infection? You might catch it!!!! So go for something in the head like grief or loss or something. Face cream for dry skin is alright because it’s not fungus.

Anyway, all this is my advice, and I hope to start a page soon about website promotion – but people will have to pay for that!!! My boyfriend is coming to my place tonight to show me what to do because he knows about stuff like that. I am really excited to be a successful blogger, and will now post this before I lose all the friends who read my first posting yesterday.

43 thoughts on “1518: Bloggeration

  1. Yvonne

    OMG, we’ve been doing it wrong all these years!

    That was truly a funny post, BA. It deserves 1,000 likes!

    I think I might repost it my blog, just to help both of us reach that target. Then, let’s write posts about the sort of stuff she recommends.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I hope like U’ve learnt UR lesson and put hair spray on UR blog postings in future. I notice on your excellent blog that hairspray doesn’t feature at all. I think I might follow you nonetheless…


      1. Prior...

        Haha – hairspray post is coming up because my hair gel post got 500 likes – but that was because I showed all those Victoria Secret photos – the hairstyles matched the nightgowns –

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  3. Garrulous Gwendoline

    Brilliant. Actually, I’ve discovered a make-up tip I’ll share with you for 1000 likes. I’m away from home and shops for a couple of weeks. The other day, I let my hair dry naturally and ended up with flyaway scruffy not-quite-curls. The solution? Vaseline! Who’d a thunk it?

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      1. Garrulous Gwendoline

        Silly man. I hide inside at the first threat of a mozzie. And I didn’t DROWN myself in the stuff. Just enough to have luxuriant, radiant locks – I wish. I have to tell you though, with the still-summer days we are having, the flies have been interested 🙂 It’s weird weather, mid-twenties every day, then pitch black at 5pm because we are fast approaching the shortest day of the year.

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              1. Garrulous Gwendoline

                Ah, got it. It is well south of where I am (Wollongong). However, the weather pundits reckon really is coming next week. The sudden temperature drop will be a shock to the system. teehee. it will still be double-digits, it just won’t start with a “2”.
                I would have been over your way decades ago when I worked for Hunter Douglas. I had to criss-cross the country, visiting window covering installers. New Plymouth would have been on the schedule.

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  4. doesitevenmatter3

    HA! 😀 I snort-laughed! 😀 Brilliant! And this is why some people get all the attention/and/or paid the big “likes”! 😉 (wink) 😛
    As I just shared on my blog yesterday…We can’t all be great bloggers or popular social media influencers, some of us have to sit on the sidelines to read the blogs, “like” the blogs, comment the blogs, and buy the products shared in the blogs! HA! 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I came by via Yvonne’s blog!

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