1507: Granny Suzanne

Over the years Granny Suzanne had skein after half-used skein of left-over wool. In her younger days she had been a prolific knitter. These days, with rheumatism and fading eyesight, her knitting output wasn’t quite so productive.

Winter was setting in. She knew that her three grandchildren living with their mother “just down the road” would be feeling the cold. She couldn’t afford to pay for their heating, but she could knit, albeit with effort. She would knit warm clothes for her grandchildren and their mother.

Scarves, gloves, socks, and woollen hats were the order of the day! A bit of red, a flash of blue, a stitch or two of green… The job was done, and most of her leftover wool was used.

The grandchildren didn’t tell granny but they hated the items. “It looks like we’re street urchins,” they said to their mother. They threw the woollen items away and went to thank their grandmother. But when they visited their grandmother she was sitting in her armchair, dead.

She had died of the cold.


19 thoughts on “1507: Granny Suzanne

  1. umashankar

    The fate of the knitter and the knitted was all too well known and yet you managed to make it amply saddening. Incidentally, I too used to hate the knitted apparels foisted upon me by my elders sisters, but it was mostly due to the utter disregard they showed to my opinions regarding the colours and patterns of the stuff under work. After all, I was the end user and not a guinea pig. On one occasion when a particularly horrendous looking pullover was shoved down my neck and the bunch of them stood back to admire their artwork, I few into a rage and took off the damned thing off my torso and began tearing at it with all my might, my loyal dog jumped into the melee and within minutes all that could be seen on the floor was tangled mess of wool.

    Of course, they burst into tears.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      OMG – there’s a story and a half! You should’ve simply pulled the wool over your sisters’ eyes!. My mother did a lot of knitting and I got all sorts of jerseys (pullovers) but they were usually pretty nice.

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