Music 222: Piano Sonata 1

Hi Everyone

Here is a piano sonata (in three movements). There’s an audio link for those who may want to listen, and the second lot of links is to download the written music for the many thousands who want to learn it and play it in concert halls all over the world. Each of the three movements is downloadable separately.

So here is the Piano Sonata, Opus Who-knows-what. Thanks

Click on a link to listen
1st movement – audio
2nd movement – audio
3rd movement – audio

Click on a link to download the written music
1st movement – sheet music
2nd movement – sheet music
3rd movement – sheet music

14 thoughts on “Music 222: Piano Sonata 1

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thanks, Nanette. I luckily (I can’t spell serendipity – oh I think I just did) fell into the clutches of a phenomenal teacher who said to me (on the farm aged ten) in my first lesson: “Here! Let’s learn the first section of this Mozart sonata to play for your father when he gets home from milking the cows.” I didn’t realize it was difficult. I have used the same teaching technique over the years – and it (usually) works!

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  1. arlingwoman

    Wow! I’m just catching up with some blogs and glad I made it here. What a lovely, vigorous piece with that sweet restful 2nd movement. Sending the music to my pianist friend (who liked the last batch).

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