Music 177-191: A second little suite in fifteen sketches

Hello everyone

This is to advertise the second little suite of 15 sketches for the piano.

I post them here because I have no clue what else I am meant to do with the things! Perhaps Lucas Debargue or Yuja Wang will stumble across these pieces and declare they’re just what they’ve been looking for! (Yeah right!)

I realize that the style is not everyone’s cup of tea. This A Second Little Suite in Fifteen Sketches comes on the heels of the first little suite of fifteen sketches! If you’re into playing the piano, this second batch is generally more difficult than the first lot. Feel free to use them. Clicking here will download a pdf file that contains the written piano music and each piece has a link so you can hear the music.

Here also is a list of links to the audios if you don’t need to see the written music!

1. Beyond the open door
2. Kids’ train ride in the park
3. Buttercups
4. Incessant cicadas
5. At the bird bath
6. Village bells
7. Spinning in the wind
8. A waltz for anyone with three legs or more
9. Pear blossom
10. The casual cyclist
11. Rock pools
12. The merry brewer
13. Stygian march
14. Rabbits
15. Home from such adventures

21 thoughts on “Music 177-191: A second little suite in fifteen sketches

  1. inesephoto

    Brilliant little sketches, I enjoyed every single one. Sure you can put them to use. Blogger Mike Steeden’s son started his business a year ago. He is successfully selling his music, and it is very good. Look up blog and you might get some ideas. I am absolutely sure that many piano players will be interested in these gems.

      1. inesephoto

        Yes, you might learn some technicalities of selling music online. I have no clue how it works, but I am sure that these gems of yours deserve to be played and enjoyed.

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thanks, Noelle. I’m currently wearing a jacket! The day before yesterday was 14°C and yesterday was 27°C ! Neither temperature encourages me to go swimming!


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