1499. Please pass the condiments

Nancy wasn’t so much a snob as someone who gained her superiority with put-downs. She made herself big by making others small.

When she invited the ladies from the canasta club for lunch she announced that the theme was Korean. She spent the entire luncheon saying things such as “Daphne, would you pass the cheonggukjang, please” or “Marjory, would you pass the myeongnan-jeot”. Of course, Daphne and Marjory didn’t have a clue what cheonggukjang and myeongnan-jeot were, because on the table Nancy had also placed nabak-kimchi, guljeot, and bagoóng alamáng.

“I would’ve thought that bagoóng alamáng was more from the Philippines,” suggested Eleanor. But it fell on deaf ears.

“What would you know?” spouted Nancy.

The following week it was Eleanor’s turn to host the lunch. The theme, announced Eleanor, is Chinese.

“Could you pass the soy sauce please, Nancy,” said Eleanor.

“Which one is that?” asked Nancy.

“It’s the bottle with 黃豆醬 on the label, stupid.”

20 thoughts on “1499. Please pass the condiments

        1. Yvonne

          Not yet, I am working on it.

          Bruce, aren’t you going to miss all of the highly intelligent repartee that goes on in your comments section? How can you abandon us? Sniffle.


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