1442. Ice cream weather

The day was very hot. Doug thought he’d take his three kids down to the corner shop and buy them each an ice cream. And he’d buy one for himself as well, of course.

The three children ordered their ice creams, although Elsie took ages because she couldn’t choose between chocolate chip cookie ice cream or guava and honeycomb. Eventually all were served and they began the walk back home along the pavement licking their ice creams in a cone.

Suddenly two youths rushed by and purposely knocked all ice creams onto the ground. Doug managed to grab one by the sleeve and gave him such a punch to the jaw that a tooth fell out. The youth ran off holding his chin.

The next thing was that Doug’s garage caught fire and burned to the ground. Everyone knew it was the youths that had set the fire going. The neighbours thought it was fair enough. You don’t bash up people because they think different, and besides they were foreigners. Didn’t Doug have more respect?

The Government from where the two youths originated, said it was all a bit on the nose and sent a few diplomats packing. Things went from bad to worse, and within weeks both countries were dropping bombs on each other. The decimation of both populations was horrendous.

So think next time you take the kids for an ice cream.

12 thoughts on “1442. Ice cream weather

  1. umashankar

    That is a chastening lesson you have posted for the planet. History is known to repeat itself notoriously. Last time Harald Hardrada took his kids to the corner ice cream joint it led to the Battle of Stamford Bridge, did it not?

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        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          The area I live in was settled by Poles in the late 1800s. This when it was West Bavaria! They were told their ship was going to America. They didn’t know at first they had arrived in New Zealand. These days there’s Polish names all over the place!

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  2. inesephoto

    Bruce, before you use an unknown language in the comments, make sure it is not a known language, because if you offend somebody you can start a conflict similar to described in your story. Did this story teach you anything at all?

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I’m pretty sure the “unknown” language in the comments bears little resemblance to any known language. In my job I deal with up to 82 different languages – I don’t speak them all of course but am familiar enough to be able to format them and correct the occasional spelling!



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