1396. The good old days

I remember years ago when I was young. My mother would give me sometimes less than a dollar and send me to the shop to get groceries.

It was amazing what I would bring home. There was tinned fruit, and honey, and bread. There was cereal and rice and stuff like that. Then there were always the non-edible items like batteries and light bulbs. Once I even managed to get a whole leg of frozen lamb, and that was over and above the regular chicken and beef steaks and pork chops.

Those were the good old days. How times have changed. These days there are too many cameras about.

13 thoughts on “1396. The good old days

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I used to teach a class that had 6 pick-pocketers in it (all aged 13). They taught me a few tricks – I was in “awe” at their skills! In one go, one of them stole over 30 long-playing records for my Music Department!!



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