1394. Winner of a car

Travis was excited, but worried. He had entered a win-a-car competition at the supermarket. It was a promotion. And although he had never won anything in the past, at least entering automatically by buying $50 worth of groceries gave him a chance. Indeed! It was to be his lucky day!

This was the day the keys to the car were to be handed over. It was a bright red car. Travis had already seen it for it was parked near the entrance door to the supermarket so that everyone would see it and spend at least $50.

So Travis was excited! Why he was worried was because the Press would be there taking photos and he didn’t really know what to wear. He wondered if he should get a nice pair of trousers with a brand new pullover. Modest in colour – not too bright and not too dull; casual yet appropriate.

So he did that; he went to town and got himself fitted out. It was more expensive than he thought it would be, but not to worry.

Now all he needed was for his name to be pulled out of the hat.

10 thoughts on “1394. Winner of a car

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Last night’s lotto in NZ included 10 new cars (for Father’s Day). Of course I took a ticket didn’t I (my car is currently broken down and I’m trying to sell it) and I won sweet diggley-squat.


    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I frequently do name checks for companies as to what the name might mean in my “culture”. The best (for a phone) was 6 Inch. They didn’t take it up after I said “Would you like to see my 6 inch?” If you win a Hyundai I hope you are dressed nicely for the presentation.


    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I won a lobster in a raffle when I was 7. Actually it was a crayfish – I “translated” the word for those in Maine – but I don’t need to tell you that a lobster is not a crayfish!



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