1373. So many choices

There’s more than one way to spell Wraymound, said Jihll, and I have named my newborn, Ykjhasdbvsdflafaskjlhbsadf – which is pronounced “Ramon”. It will distinguish her from all the other Ramons in the world, and could easily become the feminine form of the boy’s name.

I’m having a difficult time in deciding on a middle name. I was thinking of Lhsadfkjhksadfijhwuefkljhsadf. What do you think? Sound-wise it seems to go well with Ykjhasdbvsdflafaskjlhbsadf. Ykjhasdbvsdflafaskjlhbsadf Lhsadfkjhksadfijhwuefkljhsadf Yjhgljhgwqrfkjhgwqhgwer-Blkjxzclhjsfadkjj sounds pretty attractive to me. I’m gravitating towards it.

Now I just have to convince my partner. She wanted to name the baby “Betty”. If she wants a Betty she should make one of her own.

17 thoughts on “1373. So many choices

    1. Andrew

      Mandarin uses simplified Chinese characters. If you really want to get serious Traditional Chinese as used here in Hong Kong is much more challenging. The tones are more difficult too. I once tried to ask for 4 slices of ham and inadvertently told the sales girl to hurry up and die.

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        1. Andrew

          Neither can I Bruce. My wife always gets frustrated when I admit I can’t hear the differences when she is trying to teach me. To be honest even locals can struggle with the written language. Traditional Chinese is very difficult.

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    2. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I deal with chemistry scripts of languages every day and to me the most indecipherable is Thai which is very square. It is also one of the loveliest to took at! The one that never fits on the page is Spanish!

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Yes – I see creative spellings all the time. It would drive me crazy having to correct people’s spellings of my name all the time. It’s bad enough constantly having the name of Goodman and having it spelt Goodwin all the time!

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