Poem 87: Gone but not forgotten

I saw my name on a war memorial
It wasn’t me of course
Same name but someone else who was
Gone but not forgotten

I fell between the cracks of wars
A rather rare occurrence
Else it would be me who was
Gone but not forgotten

They drafted names for Vietnam
Picked by random birthdays
Those born one day after me are
Gone but not forgotten

As each war comes and each war goes
And parents siblings fade
Dead soldiers are remembered in a generic sort of way
But as individuals no one would have a clue who the hell they were
They’re gone and long forgotten

17 thoughts on “Poem 87: Gone but not forgotten

        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          Yes – It was strange! As you can see it is the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC. Despite seeing my name, it was very moving – although I found the memorial in NY even more moving – with letters from soldiers incorporated.

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  1. Andrea Stephenson

    Very moving Bruce, so true and sad that we’re all destined to be forgotten when those who knew us are gone. We do have a WWI memorial project in our borough, where the lives of all the soldiers who died have been researched so they aren’t just names, and any house where there was a soldier who died has a small blue plaque – a father and a son who lived in our house both died of the after effects of gas poisoning.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      That’s a wonderful thing to do – both the lives and the blue plaque. In my new area where I live I have taken a list of the early settlers up until 1888 and am researching each one. It’s for my own interest – not for public consumption. It’s fascinating.

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  2. Yvonne

    Another fellow blogger bought a book in a second hand shop. The subject of the book was a particular German POW camp. The inscription in the book used only the initials of the giver and recipient.

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  3. judyrutrider

    If only the glorification of war were replaced with the sobering sentiments of your poem…ah, but how would the industrial military complex survive without continuous war and rumor of war. Where have all the flowers gone?

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